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Did you know….

On average, only 1% of UK properties are on the market for sale at any one time? 

So… if you’re looking for your ideal home…. the chances are… that home is probably amongst the remaining 99% of homes not yet on the market!!! 

But fear not!!…

I’m going to explain how you can use my buying service to target every one of those 99% of homes not yet on the market – and secure your ideal home before anyone else can!!

Watch the video to find out how to: Buy Property in Basildon – Before it Comes on the Market 

And this is a service I provide for FREE to my clients…. Let me explain….

If you’re searching for your next home, you may well be feeling frustrated with the lack of suitable property coming on to the market. With limited options, many buyers are struggling to secure their ideal home.

A Game-Changer For Buyers 

However…. With new technology I can pinpoint every home that’s likely to come onto the market – before it comes onto the market – making this a game-changer for buyers.

And giving those who use my buying service an almost unfair advantage over other buyers.

So, how does it work?

It’s really simple…. You give me the criteria describing your ideal property and the area in which you want it to be.

I then put the technology to work….. It finds all the properties that suit your exact requirements, in your designated area, and uses artificial intelligence to predict which of those properties are likely to come onto the market next.

And I can do this for any type of property in any area that fits your criteria – right down to, exact location, number of bedrooms, plot size, square footage and of course price.

I then pro-actively contact those homeowners, on your behalf, to see if and when they are considering selling.

This Gives You More Choice

This opens up far more choice for you to find your ideal home and gives you a distinct advantage over buyers who don’t gain access to this opportunity.

And I want every one of my clients to have access. So, this is a service I provide for FREE to my seller clients as a way of saying thank you for selling their property with Roger Bates Properties.

You just tell me, where and what you want to buy – and I do the rest.

Contact Me Today! 

So, whether you’re looking to sell a property and purchase another or simply looking to purchase a property and would like to chat with me about how I can help YOU…. Please contact me today on 07494 803917….. I’d love to hear from you.

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