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How Can I Make My House Look Nice Without Money?

With the cost of living increasing, it isn’t surprising that more homeowners in Basildon are looking for budget-friendly decorating ideas before they put their property in Basildon for sale. The good news is that even minor updates can give your home a stunning new look. And they needn’t break the bank. We are often asked, “how can I make my house look nice without money?” and we have the answers.

The team at Roger Bates Properties have got an eye for detail! Now we want to share our low-cost, high-impact interior decorating tips so you can make the most of your home makeover budget!

Tip 1: Start With Some Dramatic Paint Tricks!

If you can’t afford to buy enough paint to decorate your entire room, a small pot in a dramatic colour will make an impact. Use an on-trend, eye-catching colour to paint your chimney breast, door trims or alcoves. This will refresh the entire space!

Tip 2: Refurbish And Reuse Soft Furnishings

Upcycling is the order of the day, and it’s a low-cost way of updating your home. When you sell, you’ll be taking your furniture with you, so consider reupholstering your outdated soft furnishings to modernise your space. Repainting wood furniture in a more contemporary colour will make a huge difference. Think greys, traditional greens and eggshell colours. Not only will this save you money, but it will also allow you to add modern flair to your rooms.

Tip 3: Create A Wallpaper Feature Wall

Wallpaper adds a luxurious look to any room, but it can be costly to buy lots of rolls. Often, you can find beautiful single rolls reduced to clear in home décor stores. Pick one up and use it to create a stunning small feature wall. You’ll usually have enough paper on a single roll to wallpaper your chimney breast area or an alcove, and the result will be unique and eye-catching.

Tip 4: Upgrade Your Lampshades

Switching your lamp shades is affordable and will refresh any space without costing a fortune. You can use bold, colourful, or unusually-shaped lamp shades as statement pieces in your rooms to add a touch of personality.

Tip 5: Layer Texture And Pattern With Soft Furnishings

You can create a high-end, luxury finish in any room by layering textures and patterns. This can be achieved using soft furnishings like throws and cushion covers. These are pretty, practical, and affordable home decorating solutions.

Tip 6: Enhance Your Space With A Mirror

Mirrors are a fantastic addition to any room, making dark, small spaces feel immediately larger and lighter. Add lighting in front of your mirrors to add a true hint of luxury to your room. The soft effect that it creates is dramatic and beautiful.

Tip 7: Replace Your Kitchen Cupboard Handles

If your kitchen desperately needs an update, but you can’t afford new cabinets, consider replacing just the cupboard handles. This low-cost solution creates a different look for your cupboards without needing new doors or a whole new kitchen!

What Next?

If you’ve taken our advice and found the solution to “how can I make my house look nice without money?” you might now be ready to list it. Contact the team at Roger Bates Properties today. As experts in the local property market, we look forward to valuing your home and helping you achieve the best possible price.

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