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how to prepare your house for viewings

When you have chosen to put your property in Basildon on the market, ensuring that it’s in show-ready condition can make a significant difference. But, what exactly does “show-ready” mean, why does it matter that you properly prepare your house for viewings, and how does it impact the selling process in the Basildon property market?

The Show-Ready Concept

Show-ready is when your home is fully prepared for potential buyers to view it. Clean, organised, and free of clutter, it showcases your property in Basildon in its best possible light. This helps to create a positive first impression and ensures that your house feels homely, thus encouraging viewers to visualise themselves living there.

Preparing Your House for Viewings: The Stats!

The question of how to prepare your house for viewings is an important one! According to a study by Rightmove, it takes just 27 seconds for a potential buyer to form an impression of your property. However, 26% of home hunters spend more than two hours viewing a property before making an offer. These statistics highlight the importance of ensuring your property in Basildon is in the best condition possible when prospective buyers come to view.

Homes kept in show-ready condition often sell faster and for a better price. A study by HomeOwners Alliance shows homes took an average of 19 days to sell when well-presented and priced correctly, compared to the national average of 60 days. Additionally, properties that are ‘dressed’ or ‘staged’ can boost the sale price by up to 8%.

In the age of the internet, where properties are often first viewed online, photos of a well-kept, show-ready home can encourage potential buyers to book a viewing. According to a study by Zoopla, 70% of buyers look at a property’s photos before deciding whether to view. Therefore, if you prepare your house for viewings by ensuring your home looks flawless in the images, you are likely to attract more potential viewers.

Reassure Potential Buyers

A home in show-ready condition reassures potential buyers about the maintenance and care of your home. An untidy or run-down property can raise concerns about potential unseen issues. When you prepare your house for viewings, these worries won’t surface, thus helping to speed up the decision-making process.

Tips for Preparing Your House for Viewings

To make sure your home is in show-ready condition and creates a lasting impression on potential buyers, follow these tips:

Declutter: Clear away any clutter, personal items, and unnecessary objects that can make your home look messy or overcrowded. This will help to showcase the available space in the property.

Deep Clean: Give your home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, including carpets, windows, and appliances. A clean and fresh-smelling house will be more appealing to potential buyers.

Fix Minor Issues: Take care of any small repairs, such as fixing leaky taps, broken locks, or cracked tiles. These seemingly insignificant fixes can make a huge difference in the overall impression of your property.

Neutralise Décor: Repaint rooms with bold colours in more neutral tones, such as beige or greys. This will allow potential buyers to visualise themselves living in the space and make it easier for them to imagine their own belongings.

Highlight Key Features: Identify your property’s best assets or features, like a beautiful fireplace or an impressive garden, and make sure they are highlighted and well-kept during viewings.

Arrange Furniture Thoughtfully: Arrange your furniture to showcase the functionality and space in each room. Consider removing or rearranging bulky or oversized furniture to create a more open and inviting space.

Improve Kerb Appeal: Enhance the exterior of your property by tidying up the garden, adding potted plants, and repainting the front door. First impressions count, and an attractive exterior will encourage potential buyers to look inside.

Use Lighting to Your Advantage: Ensure your home is well-lit, with natural light during the day and appropriate lighting during the evening. Bright and well-lit spaces look bigger and more inviting.

By following these tips, you can ensure your home is in the best possible condition ready to wow potential buyers during viewings, and boost your chances of making a sale!

Remember, the effort you put into preparing your house for viewings will ensure that your property stands out, plus it could speed up the selling process!

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