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Tips For Managing Moving House Stress And Anxiety
Tips For Managing Moving House Stress And Anxiety

Stress is one of the common factors that we can’t seem to escape. Even something as exciting as moving house in Basildon can trigger a stress response. The thrill of a fresh start and exploring a new neighbourhood can quickly be replaced by feelings of moving house stress, tension and anxiety.

Moving house stress is familiar to an estimated 13 million movers yearly in the UK. Hence, dealing with it effectively is important for maintaining our well-being during this period.

Why are we stressed about moving?

Several things contribute to moving home stress. The Royal Mail ‘Home Mover’s Report’ tells us that 61% of people find moving home more stressful than divorce or starting a new job. Psychologists suggest that moving house stress stems from the uncertainty and fear of the unknown, coupled with the significant upheaval that a move brings to our daily routines.

Strategies for managing your home move in Basildon


The first step in dealing with moving home stress is acceptance. Acknowledging stress as a natural response to change allows us to manage it better. Mind, a mental health charity in the UK, notes that acceptance of stress is important to managing it effectively.


Planning plays a pivotal role in dealing with moving house stress. A detailed plan, including timeline and costs, will help you get organised, making tasks less overwhelming.


You don’t have to do it all yourself! Sharing tasks among family, friends, or hiring professional removal companies can alleviate the burden. While it might cost extra, using professional services can be a valuable stress-reliever.


During the chaos of packing boxes and organising utilities, remember to care for yourself. That includes maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise, ample sleep, and taking breaks during moving tasks. It may sound clichéd, but laughter genuinely can help reduce stress—so keep an upbeat playlist on in the background while you’re packing or dealing with other moving tasks.

Families with Children

Moving house stress varies depending on your situation. Families with children often face the added challenge of managing their own stress while ensuring that the children’s routine remains as stable as possible. In such cases, discussing the move openly with children helps, as well as involving them in relevant tasks like packing their toys.

Singles and Young People

Young adults and singles, many embarking on their first independent moves, also experience unique stressors. The lack of experience and sometimes limited resources can add to this stress. However, it’s important to remember the opportunity for growth and resilience-building.


For elderly people, moving may involve downsizing or moving to retirement communities. A study by Age UK revealed that one in three over-60s say moving gets harder as you age. Emotional support from loved ones and a focus on the positive aspects of the move can be immensely beneficial for this demographic.

Remember, most stress associated with moving is temporary and will subside once you are in your new home. Even though it seems challenging, buying a new property in Basildon and moving home is also a chance to declutter, and an opportunity to start afresh.

With careful planning, acceptance, indulgence in self-care, and seeking out help when needed, dealing with moving house stress can be managed effectively, preserving and maintaining your wellbeing.

Happy moving!

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