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What to do before a viewing on your house
What to do before a viewing of your property in Basildon

Take the correct viewpoint when setting your Basildon home up for a sale

They say that first impressions make a difference when you meet new people. Similarly, they also say kerb appeal – in other words, impressions of a different kind – are essential for any marketed property in Basildon.

Why? Because you want a potential buyer to get the right feeling from the very start. If your house looks unloved, it’s unlikely that even those with imagination will see past the clutter and the grime.

After all, you’re trying to sell your property in Basildon. You want people to view it like what they see and put an offer in.

So, what can you do? Roger Bates Properties can help!

Seven tips for preparing your property in Basildon for a viewing

1. De-clutter Your Home

For an estate agent, there is nothing worse than arriving to show a house we are marketing, only to open the front door and find the property is untidy and full of clutter. It might be family favourite toys, pictures and mementoes, or piles of rubbish, but you must realise that prospective buyers want to see the house. They’re not interested in your knick-knacks! Piles of bits and bobs will put them in the wrong frame of mind.

Tip: As you will be moving anyway, take the opportunity to box things up and store them away or get rid of unwanted items. If you’re downsizing, it’s a perfect time to eliminate the clutter.

2. Some Viewers May Have ‘Pet Hates

You love your cat or your dog. They’re your best friend and as a pet lover, I’m with you on this one – but prospective buyers coming to look around your home may not like pets or could be allergic to them. It sounds harsh, but it is best to ask a friend or a neighbour to look after your pet during viewing times.

Tip: Give your house a good clean and light a scented candle before a visit by a prospective buyer. It will help get rid of pet smells.

3. Focus on the Front Garden for First Impressions

If you’ve got a front garden, tidy it up, ensure the grass is cut, and the hedge has been given a trim. First impressions matter, so take the time and effort to get it right. If you have children, tidy away all their toys and show your garden off.

Tip: Set the scene; if it’s nice and sunny, put a small table and chairs or a bench outside so that the garden looks inviting.

4. Smells of the Season Can Refresh Your Home

Because you’re in your home day in and day out, you may be immune to the smells in your home. Using diffusers and scented candles sensibly will help make it fragrant for viewings.

Tip: Consider the seasons and choose a fragrance that ties in with the time of year. Try spiced fruits or cinnamon in winter and floral fragrances during the spring and summer.

5. What’s Your Bathroom Routine?

Your bathroom is key to making a good impression. There’s nothing worse than a dirty, smelly bathroom for making people think that a house is unloved.

Tip: Present your bathroom well with neatly folded clean towels and flowers on the windowsill. Store all the soaps, gels and toiletries in cupboards out of sight. Don’t forget to replace toilet tissue with a fresh roll – and close the loo seat!

6. Have Space Invaders Been Busy?

Space is often at a premium, so help potential buyers realise just how much they will be getting if they offer on your Basildon property.

Is your chunky furniture making a room look small?

Could you rearrange your furniture to create more space?

Are there too many toys or books lying around causing clutter?

Tip: Take a moment to look at a room and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If a room looks too busy, it might be time to rearrange the chairs or bookshelves.

7. Stage Your Property in Basildon

Staging isn’t just for theatre. Make a lasting impression by making your home look good. Put fresh fruit in a bowl, some cut flowers in vases, and place a home decor magazine or a book on a side table. Understand that you must make your property look like an inviting space.

Tip: If you need inspiration, visit a homeware, furniture or home decoration shop as they are experts in staging room scenes.

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