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Buying a House in Basildon

Save Yourself £11,000 to £45,000

Buying a House in Basildon – Watch the video above

House Buying & Negotiating Services available

Use our bespoke Buyer & Negotiating Service to buy a house in Basildon for significantly LESS than the marketing price. That’s what we’ve achieved over the last year for our bespoke Buyer Service clients – by negotiating their onward purchase for them.

And we can do exactly the same for you – just by being a client of ours!!! 

I provide a Buying & Negotiating Service (FREE to my seller clients…)

When you SELL a house in Basildon, you have a skilled, professional negotiator working on your behalf to get you the HIGHEST price – ie an estate agent. However, when you are BUYING a house in Basildon, who do you have in your corner helping you negotiate the LOWEST price? Usually, you have NOBODY!

So, I began thinking!….. Over the last year, I’ve had so much success in selling our clients properties for the HIGHEST price possible – on average, over 2% MORE than the national average – that I realised I could give enormous value to my clients by using that same experience & skill to help them buy their next property for the LOWEST price possible.

Home buying service
Buying a house in Basildon

So, how does it work?

It’s really simple….. You tell me the address of the property you’d like to buy, I’ll research the market, look at comparable properties online and let you know what I feel the property is actually worth.

I’ll talk with the seller’s estate agent and find out the sellers position, taking into account how long the property has been on the market, the owner’s reason for selling and how much interest they’ve had from other buyers.

I find out everything that will help me negotiate the lowest price possible for you. Then, you and I, together, can decide what your lowest offer should be.

Expert Negotiation

I’m then ready to begin the negotiation process with the seller’s estate agent – using the same experience and skill that has enabled me to save my clients as much as £45,000.

Now, whether your offer is accepted has a lot to do with how your offer is presented to the seller and their agent. It’s not always about the money. A buyer’s speed and certainty may be more attractive.

Buy a local home in Basildon
Estate agent buying services in Basildon

I Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

So, I package and present you and your offer in a way that helps you stand out above any competing buyers. I submit your offer in writing to the sellers estate agent explaining why your offer should be accepted. I provide written proof of your Mortgage Agreement, proof of your deposit, details of your solicitor, and chain details of our buyer for your property – showing you can proceed with the purchase, immediately. All presented in one neat package.

Estate agents love buyers who are organised and make their job easier. They’re more likely to accept a lower offer from you than they would from a buyer who is less organised.

My Inside Help

With my inside help, my clients have been able to save as much as £45,000 on their onward property purchase.

I want every one of my clients to have a skilled professional working on THEIR behalf when buying a property. So, this is a service I provide for FREE to my seller clients as a way of saying thank you for selling their property with Roger Bates Properties.

Couple Buying a House in Basildon
We'll find you the perfect property

Houses For Sale in Basildon

You can be confident that we can find the perfect property for you, whether it’s a one bedroom apartment, two or three bedroom or four or five bedroom house in an established area or new homes on a dvelopment. Whatever property type, we can access both on-market and off-market properties, so if it’s time to buy or sell your home in Basildon then give us a call!

You know there are a lot of estate agents in Basildon, but we’re here to make buying a property in Basildon and surrounding areas easier for you.

Our expert team will help you find homes and navigate the process step-by-step from start to finish!

Talk With Us Today

Talk with us today if you are looking for houses across Essex – especially those listed Basildon. Do not worry about what property type or size house works best; whether it’s a 2 bedroom house plus attic space available right away (or soon), a Three bedroom detached house + study/Workshop conversion or a new homes development… we’ve got everything covered under one roof and properties for sale at affordable prices too, so don’t hesitate any longer because time is of the essence when searching locally.

Whatever property type, we can help you find it
We cover all popular residential locations

Popular Residential Locations

As a local estate agent with many years experience, we have the know-how you need to find your dream home. We work hard with our clients so that they can focus on what’s important – finding the perfect property type for them and their lifestyle!

We cover all the popular residential areas within the Basildon area including: Kingswood, Lee Chapel South, Lee Chapel North, Fryerns, Langdon Hills, Laindon, Dunton Fields, Noak Bridge, Steeple View, Vange, Bowers Gifford, Pitsea, Dunton and surrounding areas to Basildon.

Your Perfect Home

Wether you want a 2 Bedroom semi, mid or end terrace House, three Bedroom House, 4 Bedroom House, a Detached House, Terrace House, Semi detached house, a Flat or Apartment or a Bungalow, be near the town centre, want a garage or off street parking, a cul de sac, starter home, from Stanford le Hope to Southend on Sea, as exerienced estate agents we cater to all types of properties for sale in Basildon and surrounding areas. 

We'll find your perfect home
5 Star Reviews for Roger Bates Properties

We Do The Work For You

There is no need for you to search through hundreds of listings when you can have our team do all the work for you. We will filter available properties by type, location and price range so that no matter what your requirements are we’ll notify you of new homes coming to the market and find you exactly what suits you best!

If you have an existing property that you need to sell in order to complete the purchase of your next property – We would love help you!

Selling Your Property?

So, if you are thinking of selling YOUR property, you may like to know, Over the last year, we’ve been able to sell our client’s property’s for, on average, over 2% MORE than the average UK estate agent – And that equates to around £9,000 EXTRA in each of our client’s pockets.

Not only that…
By negotiating our client’s onward purchase for them, we’ve saved our clients as much as £45,000 on the purchase of their next property – all in all, making each of those clients as much as £54,000 BETTER OFF – just by being a client of ours!!! Whether you’re looking to sell a property in Basildon and purchase another or simply looking to buy a property in Basildon and would like to chat with me about how I can help YOU, from start to finish, please contact me on 07494 803917.

How Much Is Your Property Worth?

How Have Recent Property Sales Changed the Value of Your Home in Basildon?

With the general increase, in recent years, in house prices in the Basildon area – Kingswood, Lee Chapel South, Lee Chapel North, Fryerns, Langdon Hills, Laindon, Dunton Fields, Noak Bridge, Steeple View, Vange, Bowers Gifford, Pitsea, Dunton are all attractive areas to potential buyers. Book a FREE Advice Meeting or get an instant one online, with Roger Bates Properties.

Book a Free Advice Meeting TODAY!

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